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Textile industry construction social responsibility

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Textile industry construction social responsibility

China's textile and  garment industry social responsibility construction has gone through  ten years of development. The social responsibility construction work of  China's textile and garment industry to explore and realize much  pioneering works, accumulated valuable experience and made outstanding  contributions to the healthy and sustainable development of textile and  garment industry. Over the past ten years, the construction of social  responsibility in the textile and garment industry has been exploring  the development path in line with the laws of the market and the  characteristics of the industry. The next ten years, we will continue to  actively respond to various challenges in the field of industry social  responsibility and sustainable development, get rid of the traditional  development mode, open cooperation, green development, sharing results,  maintaining fair competition in the market, safeguarding the interests  of consumers, the textile and garment industry to take on more  responsibility in the implementation of Chinese two Centennial goals,  make more great contribution.
Fruitful social responsibility construction
In the past ten  years, the construction of the social responsibility of the textile and  garment industry has been based on the theory, which has been developed  and implemented in the future. The social responsibility of the  construction of the textile and garment industry not only in the  domestic lead in the development of relevant standards, and actively  explore and practice, to achieve promotion from the backbone enterprise  pilot to industrial cluster; starting from the protection of laborers'  rights and interests, to the problem of environmental protection, fair  competition, consumer safety and sustainable development of the full  range of coverage. 2005~2006 CSC9000T, corporate social responsibility  management system China first standard and China first industry social  responsibility report issued in 2013; promote the seven key textile  industry cluster sustainable development report released for the first  time, has been the industry's attention.
Over the past ten  years, the textile and garment industry has a broad impact on the  construction of social responsibility, inter-institutional cooperation  in depth. Since 2007, the annual inter-industry cooperation in social  responsibility has taken a solid and strong pace. In the meantime,  Chinese with foreign countries signed the first social responsibility  system China cooperation agreement; the first corporate social  responsibility report guidance system (CSR-GATEs); Chinese enterprises  in the same industry first issued by the independent verification of all  collective social responsibility report; CSC9000T and BSCI system of  mutual evaluation entered a substantive stage of operation; CSC9000T  into electronic industry CSC9000E; CSC9000T and BSCI and other  international organizations set up social responsibility system of  cooperation Chinese Advisory Committee, the textile and garment industry  from strengthening the social responsibility management system  construction, the transition to establishing cooperation mechanism in  the main social responsibility system in the world; from the textile  industry to the construction of social responsibility, extended  responsibility system construction of electronic industry such as  brothers.
Over the past ten  years, the textile and garment industry has continuously developed the  social responsibility construction, research, and development to promote  the "responsible assets". According to the "Internet plus" era of new  trends and new requirements, launched the online publishing platform of  collaborative asset liability, making social responsibility report for  the enterprise online and create favorable conditions, so that the  industry entered the era of social responsibility of parallel line.  Following the 2014 China zhongfanglian research first online social  responsibility report release system, Chinese first emerged in 2015  across the supply chain environmental footprint information exchange and  cooperation mechanism, promote the development of green industry.

With the Chinese textile enterprises to "go out", to optimize the  allocation of resources to accelerate the pace of global social  responsibility, textile enterprises overseas investment and operation  has also become a hot topic of domestic and international stakeholders  concerned, enterprises are faced with "going out" country or regional  legal rules, business environment, social and cultural differences. At  the same time, with the promotion of the regional multilateral trade  rules, the fulfillment and the social responsibility become the  mandatory requirement of international trade rules. In this regard, we  should actively carry out research work, guide and standardize the  social responsibility to develop overseas investment Chinese textile and  garment enterprises, help enterprises to enhance the overseas social  responsibility risk control ability, so as to strengthen the Chinese  textile and garment enterprises in the local Responsibility  competitiveness and sustainable development capacity, enhance the  development of the industry of soft power and discourse right in  international trade.



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