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The Internet has affected the textile industry

The Internet has changed the traditional model of the textile industry  through the electricity supplier, but only before the sales link, and  did not drive the textile industry as a whole. The Ministry of  information industry and consumer goods industry department of textile  director Cao Xuejun said that Internet brings great opportunities for  the textile industry, and vigorously promote the integration of the  textile industry and the development of Internet technology, it is an  important task in the future to upgrade the textile industry, it is  imperative. From the current situation of the development of  manufacturing and information integration, China's textile industry has  been catching up to the 3 stage of Germany, the overall German textile  industry in the stage of 4"
The future direction is in the textile industry, and vigorously promote  the integration of Internet and information technology and the  development of the textile industry, improve industry innovation,  precision manufacturing, management level, optimize the supply chain, to  promote the textile industry to high-end, professional, intelligent and  green, service transformation.
At the same time, the Internet will promote the extension of textile  manufacturing services. Textile enterprises to promote the use of the  Internet in the process, derived from the information system and a  systematic solution provider, forming a new growth point for enterprises  to expand the core business to provide better services



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